…to the BMBF junior research group “Mentalities in flux: imaginaries and social structure in modern circular bio-based societies”.

From a sociological and historical perspective, we study how people’s basic mindsets, attitudes, and common imaginations change through the rise of the bioeconomy. Our research explores the social consequences of energy and resource transformations that are moving societies away from the use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources and turning them towards a production based on biological materials and renewable forms of energy.

On the following pages we would like to introduce ourselves, provide some insights into our research, and inform you about our current work as well as upcoming events.

If you are interested in the topic or have questions about our research, you are welcome to contact us under flumen@uni-jena.de. You will find some more Information about the Project in our Flyer.

Latest Publications

flumen active

working paper Eversberg, Dennis (2020): Bioeconomy as a stake in polarising social conflicts? The distribution of socio-ecological mentalities within the German population in 2018 and the resulting potentials for support and resistance to bio-based transformations.

book Schmelzer, Matthias et al. (2020): Degrowth in Movement(s). Exploring pathways for transformation. A dictionary of social movements and alternatives for a future beyond economic growth, capitalism, and domination. More

article Eversberg, Dennis (2020): „The social specificity of societal nature relations in a flexible capitalist society.“ In: Environmental Values (fast-track pdf e-print).

article Schmelzer, Matthias (2020): “Degrowth and the Emerging Mosaic of Alternatives”. In: Burkhart, Corinna; Schmelzer, Matthias; Treu, Nina (Ed.), Degrowth in Movement(s): Exploring pathways for transformation. Winchester / Washington: Zer0, p. 9–28.