Research Interests

Foto: Anne Günther-Mitsching

Degrowth and climate justice; Social movements; Post-socialism; food sovereignty, semi-subsistence farming and agriculture; Political economy and political ecology in Eastern Europe; Social metabolism and sufficiency politics.

Research within the Junior Research group

Main focus:
Qualitative case study about the semi-subsistence agriculture in Estonia (module A4)

In cooperation with the group:
A qualitative typology and analyses of the case studies (module A5)
Theory and Synthesis (module D)



Since 2019 
Researcher and PhD candidate at the Institute for Sociology at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Since 2019 
Project coordinator und consultant in the Policy Consulting department at eclareon GmbH.
Since 2017 
Research assistant and platform coordinator at the association Förderverein Wachstumswende
Junior Research Fellow at the Institute for Political Ecology in Zagreb (HR)
Project coordination at netzwerk n e.V. in an Eastern European project on ESD
Staff member at a MoP Katrin Werner in German Bundestag (Program International Parliament Scholarship)
Master of European Studies at European University Viadrina with a research phase at the University of Tartu (European College) (EE)
Bachelor Cultural Studies at European University Viadrina with exchange semester at the University of Sevilla (ES)

Academic Teaching

SoSe 2021, „Kontroversen gesellschaftlicher Naturverhältnisse alter und neuer Bioökonomien“ (Seminar for B.A.-students, online), Institut für Soziologie, FSU Jena (with Jana Holz)

SoSe 2021: „Nachhaltigkeit und gesellschaftliche Transformation“, Colloquium at the FSU Jena, online (with Dennis Eversberg, Martin Fritz, Jana Holz, Philip Koch, Matthias Schmelzer, Anne Stein)

WiSe 2019/20. „Bourdieu meets Greta Thunberg: Grundlagen der sozial-ökologischen Mentalitätsforschung“, Seminar for sociology Master-students at the FSU Jena (with Dennis Eversberg, Martin Fritz, Jana Holz, Matthias Schmelzer)

WiSe 2019/20: „Nachhaltigkeit und gesellschaftliche Transformation“, Colloquium at the FSU Jena (with Dennis Eversberg, Martin Fritz, Jana Holz, Philip Koch, Matthias Schmelzer)


2020. „Caring dachas – Food self-provisioning in Eastern Europe through the lens of care“, in: Nelson, A., Edwards, F. (Ed.): Food for Degrowth. Perspectives and Practices. Routledge, London & New York, pp. 59-74.

2020. „Mental Models of Sustainability: The Degrowth Doughnut Model.“ In: Goldstein, M.I., DellaSala, D.A. (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the World’s Biomes, 5, pp. 276–286.
(with Domazet, M., Rilović, A., Ančić, B., Andersen, B., Richardson, L., Brajdić Vuković, M., Medak, T.)

2019. “Von ostdeutschen Transformationserfahrungen lernen” In: Blog Postwachstum. (with Jana Gebauer, Gerrit von Jorck)

2019. “Food Self-Provisioning as an Answer to the Metabolic Rift: The Case of ‘Dacha Resilience’ in Estonia.” Journal of Rural Studies, 68, pp. 75-86

2019. “Tarbimispidu põlevas majas.” Müürileht 2019/3. 

2017. “Soziale Kosten der ökonomischen Transformation in Estland – der Preis des Wachstumsparadigmas.“ Ost Journal 2017/01: pp. 10-19.

2017. “Mis on ühist Hiinalinnal, Tempelhofi lennuväljal ja Valgel Majal?” Müürileht 2017/10. 

Lectures (Selection)

2020. “Ackern unter Hochspannungsleitungen
und neben Ölschieferwerken in Estland”, Lecture at the Institute for Political Research at the University of Vienna. 26.11.2020. More Info here.