New book chapter by Dennis Eversberg: „Kämpfe um die Lebensweise. Praktische Dimensionen des sozial-ökologischen Transformationskonflikts”

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In this paper, Dennis Eversberg examines the dimensions of the socio-ecological transformation conflict at the level of the population’s lifestyle(s). Using data from the representative survey “Environmental Awareness in Germany 2018”, the paper asks what forms this complex social conflict takes, along which contrasts it runs, and what this tells us about society’s internal tensions and contradictions. Based on a multiple correspondence analysis of data on socio-ecologically relevant everyday practices, three conflict dimensions are distinguished that ignite along contradictory dynamics of expansive socialization: Orientation conflicts along tertiarization and global division of labor, socio-ecological distributional conflicts between property-based social integration and precarization, and transformational conflicts around flexible social integration and activation constraints.

About the book: “Umkämpfte Zukunft. Zum Verhältnis von Nachhaltigkeit, Demokratie und Konflikt” (Zilles et al., 2022)

Climate change poses enormous challenges to societies worldwide. A consensus on how to deal with this threat seems to be condensed in the concept of sustainability. But the supposed unanimity conceals ever fewer conflicts about what exactly is meant by climate protection and sustainable living: how can it be achieved and by whom? And how do these aspirations relate to democratic systems? 41 contributors approach empirically and conceptually the narratives, imaginaries and first manifestations of the future and the implied relationship between democracy, sustainability and conflict.

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