Dennis Eversbergs’ Article “The Renegotiation of our relations to nature”

  • The transformation to a bio-based way of production and life strongly depends on mentalities – perceptions, attitudes and expectations – of diverse social groups within society.
  • The nature relations of modern Western societies are shaped by the permanent and nearly unlimited availibility of fossil energy resources and raw materials (coal, oil, gas).
  • In future bio-based economies also mentalities will be in flux. This will bring conflicts. Socio-ecological research in mentalities can contribute to a better understanding of these conflicts.

These are the main statements of Dennis Eversberg’s article about „the renegotiation of our relations to nature“. The article gives an insight on the main ideas and questions of the research project flumen and is published at the website of the Science Year 2020/21-Bioeconomy. You can read his contribution on in German language here

The Science Year 2020/21-Bioeconomy is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The idea is to present the public latest research questions and projects on bioeconomy and to give the public the opportunity to experience potential solutions that have already emerged from research.