New article by Dennis Eversberg: “Klimarassismus – Neue Polarisierung oder ‘innerimperiale Kämpfe reloaded’?” at the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society (IDZ).

In his article published by the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society (IDZ), Dennis Eversberg, head of the research group, develops three theses on climate racism as (1) a political ideology, (2) a mentality, and (3) a structural relationship of domination.


This article proposes to use the term climate racism more systematically in order to understand more precisely the entanglement of climate change and climate policy with racist ideologies and relations of domination. Three levels of the term’s use can be distinguished: “climate racism” can refer to a) an overtly held ideology, b) socially shared basic attitudes or mentalities, or c) a structural relationship of domination. While the first two levels describe discriminatory attitudes and actions of certain political actors and segments of the population, the third refers to the shared deep entrenchment of climate disruption and racialized global inequalities in the logic of modern capitalist socialization and the “imperial way of life” it enables.

Eversberg, Dennis (2022). Klimarassismus – neue Polarisierung oder ,innerimperiale Kämpfe reloa-
ded’? In: Institut für Demokratie und Zivilgesellschaft (ed.). Wissen schafft Demokratie. Tagungsband
zur Online-Fachtagung „Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt & Rassismus”, Band 11. Jena, 70-79, DOI: 10.19222/202211/06.