Discussion of Possible, Probable, and Preferable Futures of Forests and Forestry in (Central) Finland. Report on the transfer activities in Finland in May 2023 by Jana Holz

In the flumen project we aim to make the group’s research results accessible to a broader public beyond the specialist academic audience. Hence, we pursue transfer activities via various channels and an active involvement into the societal and public debate on the bioeconomic transformation. In addition to presenting the group’s results to the public, we give the actors of the transformation a chance to reflect on our research process and results. This feedback is taken into consideration for further publications and activities. The transfer, knowledge gain, and experience, thus, go both ways. The transfer activities in the qualitative module focus on the regions of the case studies of the project. In May 2023, Jana Holz traveled to Finland – within the framework of her case study on forestry and forest management in Central Finland – with the aim to present preliminary results of her research and to discuss these with local actors, various stakeholders, and scientists from different disciplines.

In the Central Finnish municipality of Äänekoski, which has been the focus area of the qualitative case study in the past three years, Jana Holz organized a public workshop on the future of forests and designed a lesson for high school students. In addition to these two core transfer events, a two-day workshop at the University of Jyväskylä and the moderation of an event during the Sustainability Science Days (SSD) in Helsinki offered the opportunity for an intensive exchange with scientists and practitioners.

This report (1) briefly presents the transfer activities and cooperation partners. In the main part (2), findings of the transfer activities and reflection on their success as well as resulting open questions are presented. Finally, the report ends with a take-away summary for science transfer activities (3) and for decision-makers (4).

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