Lilian Pungas bei der online-Diskussion „Rethinking Circularity in Bioeconomy“ teil | 5. Sep 2022

Rethinking circularity in bioeconomy: challenges, good practices and future perspectives

5 September 14:00-16:00 (CET) on Zoom platform.


In the context of bioeconomy, circular solutions are considered a means to address climate and environmental challenges, and create new job opportunities and boost economic growth. Circularity is high on the policy agenda, including the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy. However, there is still little evidence from agriculture, forestry and aquaculture about the transition process from the ‘take-make-waste’ model towards circular business and consumption practices. There is also limited discussion of the social aspects of the circular bioeconomy. This online event aims to provide insight into good circular practices in bioeconomy and deepen our understanding of the challenges and opportunities underlying the development of circular bioeconomy. It collects evidence from real-life experiences and facilitates an interdisciplinary discussion on circularity in and across agriculture, forestry and aquaculture.

The discussion will be organised around three key topics each of which will be introduced by a pair of discussants:

  1. What challenges do we face when we talk about the circularity of bioresources? Opening remarks by
  • DIANA MINCYTE, associate professor at the City University of New York-City Tech, USA; senior researcher in the CIRCLE project at Vilnius University, Lithuania;
  • PIA PIROSCHKA OTTE, research manager and senior researcher at RURALIS, Norway.

2. What are promising good practices of the circular use of bioresources in and across agriculture, forestry and aquaculture? Opening remarks by

  • JOANNA STORIE, researcher at Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia;
  • LILIAN PUNGAS, researcher, Junior Research Group „Mentalities in Flux“ (flumen), Germany.

3. What are promising development directions for the circular use of bioresources? Opening remarks by

  • RANDO VÄRNIK, professor at Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia;
  • TALIS TISENKOPFS, professor at the University of Latvia, board member and senior researcher at Baltic Studies Centre, Latvia.

The chair of the discussion: MIĶELIS GRĪVIŅŠ, researcher at Baltic Studies Centre, Latvia.

More information about the event:

The event is organised by the Baltic Research Programme’s project “CIRLCE: Promoting collaboration for sustainable and circular use of bioresources across agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture”, No. EEZ/BPP/VIAA/2021/9, under the EEA Grant of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

More information about the project: Follow CIRCLE on twitter: @CircleEEA.